Asia ThaiYuan Construction & Development Co.,Ltd

Asia Thaiyuan Construction and Development Co., Ltd. was founded in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2010 in due form. Since the date of establishment, the company has been following the development strategy of “commercial real estate core business to be solid, powerful and large”. The individuals and groups that the stockholders are on behalf of have essential development and construction technical backgrounds, rich experiences on Thailand’s construction development and essential investment as well as impressive operation performance and excellent reputation.

The company AIGL (Athens International Group) extends its development potential in Bangkok, Thailand and Thai political and economic interpersonal connection to develop leisure and commercial real estate in Bangkok actively. This project corporation is founded to construct land development project on the site of Kai Sitthi Charity Foundation, Bangkok Thailand. Thailand is known for tourism and is the main part of ASEAN. The stockholders are integrated for their specialties. It is designed to develop comprehensive buildings based on leisure tourism in construction and to be engaged in the main markets of ASEAN actively, to construct scientific and practical corporate legal person governance structure, leisure and efficient operation organization structure, to form a solid and steady core management team, create supreme leisure enterprise and excellent marketing team based on Thailand as well as professional technician team representing core competitive advantages of the corporation to ensure stable development with team power.

  • Development goal: maintain and sustain core construction of commercial real estate of Bangkok to be a model of urban commercial real estate of Bangkok and the leading enterprise of Thai commercial real estate and business hotel.
  • Purposes: Gather high class talents, produce high class construction, offer high class service and create high class brand.